MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2 Bundle (COVID DELAY - February 15th Shipping)

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Due to COVID supply chain issues, our devices are on back order! Reserve your spot in line today! We are doing our best to manufacture products as fast as we can. Expected delivery of your MyPITBOARD VM1.2 device is February 15th.

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MyPITBOARD is designed BY racers FOR racers. With four training modes your performance can consistently be enhanced:

  • LAPTIME MODE: This mode will likely be your most frequently used mode. It displays critical real-time riding analytics such as lap time, lap number, total elapsed time and the split time difference between your current and last lap
  • SECTION MODE: Figure out the fastest way to ride a section. Try different rhythms and line routes to beat the competition
  • SEGMENT MODE: With segment mode, riders can split the track into 2 - 5 segments to figure out where exactly on the track they are losing time to gain on overall lap times
  • HOLESHOT MODE: Nothing feels better than getting a huge holeshot! Once your location is set, you'll get a 10 second countdown. Within 1 to 5 seconds, the device will flash 'Go!' to mimic a gate drop. Soon enough you'll be ripping holeshots like a pro

The MyPITBOARD device features:

  • Four real-time training modes
  • Instant feedback
  • Post-track lap breakdown
  • Touch screen capabilities
  • Advanced GNSS timing
  • 0.1s timing accuracy

 With this product you will receive:

  • The MyPITBOARD VM1.2 Device
  • MyPITBOARD's High-Density Foam Handle Bar Pad
  • MyPITBOARD's VM1.2 Charging Cable
  • A VM1.2 Handle Bar Pad Cover

Screen protectors are also available here to keep your MyPITBOARD looking good as new.